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Sino-French Engineer School of NJUST hope to develop in Chine a training program for engineers according to the CTI authentication in cooperation with France.

International training program for talented engineer

Mater both French and English;Have a solid base of math, science and engineering; Ability to analyse and solve problems in real situation; Know how to anticipate the need of companies; Strong competence in management, economy and organization; Understand the rule on international stage.

An international team of teachers

The training program respect the relevant provisions of the French engineer CTI certification standard, introduce a lot of qualified teachers from France (1/3) for the core curriculum of teaching. We increase the ratio of French teachers in all aspects such as course setting, teaching curriculum and practice to make sure an international level of terchers’ group.

International multi-level internship

Students will experience three different levels of internship during their training program as engineers, including general workers for a period of four weeks internship, research internships and graduation 3-4 months of the first half of engineer employment training to ensure students with fast employment, participation in capacity-building for enterprise development. To ensure the excellent quality of personnel training, we will build multi-channel, all-round Sino-French business conduct practice bases. Lorraine French Foreign Trade Advisory Committee now has more than 200 affiliated companies. We’ve discussed with Lorraine French Foreign Trade Advisory Committee as well as with Dassault, Skoda, Hainan Airlines about a cooperation agreement to support the construction of the Sino-French Engineer School of NJUST, and to receive student internships.