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School is committed to developing a solid mathematical foundation, deep expertise, innovative ability and international engineering talent with broad international vision.School stressed that academy Systems culture, in strict accordance with French engineer certification standards (CTI) curriculum system and training links, France instructor accounted for one-third of the teachers, with particular emphasis on practical teaching, and particular emphasis on internships.There are two type pf students, one by the national examination for admission domestic students, the second is to reachlocal foreign student admissions criteria at France Metz National Academy of Engineers.

After six years of engineering education, most students will receive six degree diplomas, including: China's undergraduate degree, a bachelor's degree, a postgraduate degree, master's degree in engineering, diploma France engineers, diploma engineers Sino-French School of Engineering.

School build a complete practice teaching platform to project-driven, etc., relying on professional teaching laboratories and various training base, strengthen students' basic experiment ability, ability of engineering practice, especially to train engineering innovation ability.

School pay attention on the talent quality. A sound engineer training quality assurance system is constructed by starting from the internal quality assurance and external quality assurance aspects.