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Undergraduate major:Mechnical Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Master major:Mechnical Engineering,Materials engineering

The above majors with the French engineer elite training mode (Grand Ecole) is the first specialty of Sino-French Engineer School of NJUST, relying on outstanding advantagesthe of French Metz National Academy of Engineersin the field of mechanical engineering and Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering existing national specialty, Jiangsu Province brand specialty Mechanical Engineering, the national specialty Materials, national specialty, Jiangsu Province brand specialty Materials Science and Engineering and Jiangsu Province specialty Material Processing and Control Engineering,introducing a large number of France high-quality resources (no less than 1/3 of curriculum and teacher, French as the main language of instruction, both in English),based on serving the National Economic and Social Development ,for modern industrial needs and emerging industry and related fields of High-tech industries.Sino-French cooperation develop high-level international perspective, familiar with international rules, general engineering technical personnel.